Jumping from Stüssy to Off-White to Raf Simons, Damien’s eclectic tastes are showcased in the store’s first floor men’s fashion department.
Hi Damien!
Impressive style… You clearly know how to accessorize. Timepiece, rings, cap, earrings—do you rely heavily on accessories?
Totally. Accessories complete my fit. You’ll only ever see me fully decked out. It’s a great way to build a creative style.
Is this swagger in your blood?
Something like that. I grew up in Lomé, Togo. At school we had to wear the same uniform every day—until I decided to make my own, for fun
I already wanted my own style. My teachers weren’t so impressed though… ?
I bet! Now that you’re free to wear whatever you like, what are you rocking?
Right now I’m fully dressed in Sunnei, an Italian brand I discovered at the store that I’m really into. Sportswear influences with sharply tailored cuts
These shoes are Balenciaga Triple S, a recent obsession of mine: I have three different pairs at home. What gets me is the wavy, tribal design of the soles. They’re quirky but somehow look great with anything!
This kind of outfit reminds me of TV shows I used to watch
Yeah? Which ones?
Mainly series with huge, sprawling plots, such as The Wire, the kind that makes you hold your breath and experience emotions through the characters
Have you spotted any items in store yet?
That’s all I do. Off-White’s take on streetwear, Carhartt basics, Heron Preston’s use of colour (their SS19 waistcoat is a must) and all Eytys shoes
This place is my natural habitat
What’s your current Holy Grail?
This multi-pocketed jacket by Japanese designer Junya Watanabe
At first I thought it was a bag, but upon closer inspection I figured it out. He drew inspiration from ultra-technical garments worn by fishermen. Layered over a dress shirt, it’s an instant legend
Where can I follow your fashion crushes?
I post everything on my Instagram @woshi_chouna. I’m planning my next photo shoot in front of the sneaker wall, by far the best background in the store!
I’m feeling the place too. Wild perspectives!
If I rock up in 30 minutes, what’s on?
I’m all about the conversations I have with visitors. Clothes and shoes are all good but I’m mainly focused on digging deep and learning to know people. My primary objective is to help you express what you like and resonate your tastes. Trends are irrelevant
So basically, drop in whenever you like!
I got one last question for you: what's your karaoke song?
Justin Timberlake - Mirrors!
Cheers Damien! ?
Thank you, Ely! See you round! ?

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