Extravagant Mara is a Rosie Assoulin, Chloé and Simone Rocha addict. Located on the second floor, she’s breaking new ground for women’s luxury.
Hello Mara!
Kaliméra ! ??
Uh, that’s Greek, right?
Yes! I lived in Athens until I was 24, and only moved to Paris two years ago. Less sun—more fashion. I spend all my time in art galleries and strolling along the river Seine. So much concentrated energy and culture! I’m still in my honeymoon phase.
How would you describe your dream outfit?
I like fashion that doesn’t try to blend in. The more dramatic, the better! The dress I’m wearing is from Attico.
It’s so beautiful…
Wow, intense flashiness! I see feathers, I see sequins… You’re not exactly holding back
Any other designers that rock your world?
During my Fashion Business course at the International Fashion Academy in Paris I had the opportunity to work alongside British designer Mary Katrantzou, often called the “queen of prints”. She’s one of the designers I worship the most. It was a huge privilege to learn from her
What did you like the most about her?
The way she combines colour, vibrancy and sophistication. Her pieces are like artworks—that fits in with my attitude towards fashion
In a similar vein I’m quite a fan of Gucci thanks to Alessandro Michele’s 70s narrative bent. But I’m equally fond of Rodarte’s Romanticism and Jacquemus’ cool. I’m one of their top Instagram followers
If you like Jacquemus, you must love Café Citron! ?
Bar none, it’s my favourite part of the store, with its sunlight and earthenware pots and mismatched tables and so on. It reminds me of my childhood in Greece
Is it your Greek background that taught you to celebrate colours and life so much?
To some extent, I guess. But dancing also helped. I took ballet for over ten years. Our stage costumes were often out of this world! It really helped me dare to try different, off-beat things
To this day I still have crushes on extravagant pieces such as this tie-dyed Saks Potts coat ?
Aaaah! Now that’s what they mean by “bold statement” ?
I believe fashion is a dream that you can choose to follow in waking life. It’s all about conveying emotions. I’m not exactly down-to-earth…
If I appeared in the store in 30 minutes, what trouble would we get in to?
Honestly, the store itself is magnificent. It seems like I’m always discovering new recesses. We could start by visiting different floors to say hi to my Personal Stylist buddies and then stop at the second level where I’m stationed.
I don’t want you to feel like you’re in a shop at all. I just want you to experience emotions. That’s the concept!
Sounds good, sign me up! And last but not least: can you tell me what's your karaoke song? ?
Sure. Goodnight Moon, Shivaree!
Thanks Mara!
Bye Ely ?

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