Meet MAXiMe

Eighteen-year-old Maxime tinkers with men’s fashion. His turf is the first floor, his outfits showcasing Vetements, Balenciaga, and Saint Laurent.
Hey Maxime! ?
How’s it going?
All good ?
What are you wearing today?
One of my favourite Off-White pieces from this season. It feels like it belongs to an art gallery staff member
My Aries trousers are just the right width to fall nicely on my Nike Air Force 1s
Something tells me you’re a shoe fiend
The kick’s the foundation. I always start with shoes. I like to fluctuate between street cred—Jordan 1, Air Force, Vans, and other legendary sneakers—and a rock’n’roll bent in leather Saint Laurent ankle boots
Talking about leather, I have a huge crush on this Margiela leather jacket!
It’s a classic style with this insane zipper all the way down to the knees...
Saint Laurent, Margiela—edgy stuff!
Have you figured out Balenciaga’s enigmatic Instagram?
I think so! It’s a bit like Vetement’s account, come to think of it. Everything looks snapped on the spot, unplanned, no apologies. Spontaneity is the new luxury. Even though it’s sometimes hard to follow! ?
How spontaneous are you on the socials?
I mainly post fits on Instagram @maximtypawill. They’re pretty spontaneous, always somewhere in between rock’n’roll and streetwear. I'm use to post my outfits or my crushes... As this Dickies shirt, spotted in store:
Is it fashion that liberated you so radically?
It started rather early. I remember kicking and screaming for a pair of purple Air Max kicks when I was nine. Back then I had long curly hair that everyone made fun of, saying I looked like a girl. I guess at that point I figured that what really counts isn’t anyone’s point of view but how I feel inside
Do you have a lot of tattoos?
I’ve only been legal for two months but I already have four tattoos! In a few years I’ll be covered from head to toe. I have a butterfly on my torso, a sword and a safety pin on my forearms and a “V” on my chest—my mother’s first initial
Here we go, a rough boy with a soft heart! ?
Yessir, and I always will be. My next tattoo will be “1972”, my father’s year of birth
The butterfly is kind of my emblem. Americans say the flutter of a butterfly’s wing in Brazil can bring on a storm in Texas. That sums up my philosophy, so I use the butterfly emoji all the time!
What would we do if I showed up in 30 minutes?
I’d want to chat about brands you like, Instagram accounts you follow, and so on, in order to help you figure out the store and find items you’ll really like...
It goes way beyond shopping. I want you to walk away with the memory of a meaningful encounter.
Sounds ideal—thanks Maxime!

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