With a resolutely non-binary gender identity, Ryan is passionate about women’s fashion. He navigates the first floor in between Craig Green and Marni.
Hello Ryan!
Hi Ely! Call me Meme, if you don’t mind! It’s pronounced “me-me”.
Okay Meme! ?
Cute nickname, how did you get it?
There’s a funny story behind it. When I was little, in Taiwan, I had a schoolteacher I really loved. And like all the other kids, I used to show off to get his attention. One day he told me, “Ryan, it’s not always me, me, me!” That stuck with me!
Now that I think about it, it would make a cool drag name, right?
A most excellent one. I gather you’re a fan of RuPaul’s Drag Race.
From day one! My fantasy drag character would mix couture references à la Violet Chachki with Katya’s raw insanity
Kind of like your outfit, yes?
Well put!
Today I’m in head-to-toe Craig Green with vintage oversized earrings. I’m entranced by the beauty of this green and yellow scheme ?
Even though my mother always said yellow wasn’t a good match for me. What did she know? Yellow is divine!
Fashion has always been part of your life?
I was never truly myself, growing up. Fashion opened a portal into a limitless playground and, more importantly, a channel to express ideas and emotions. There’s been no stopping me ever since!
Is that what you want to convey to store visitors?
Being a Personal Stylist isn’t about selling products. I believe it’s more about understanding how wearing different clothes make people feel. I don’t even need to see what they have on—just a glance at their faces as they emerge from the changing room is enough. As long as they’re comfortable with themselves and their outfit, everyone’s like ?!
Have you spotted pieces that have the same effect on you?
Yessss. I’m head over heels for a coat by a Danish brand called Saks Potts. Patent leather and sheepskin...
Isn’t it awesome? It reminds me of a movie called Almost Famous and its noughties Beverly Hills penthouse party atmosphere. It’s assuredly over the top but in a completely unabashed way.
What would you pair it with?
Jewellery! Earrings! Rings!
Being totally gender-fluid, I don’t feel stuck in one side and I define myself as equally male and female. I don’t believe in categories—I often say that unlearning is learning ?
Do you move freely between genders and styles in the same way?
Absolutely. I’m a huge admirer of Martin Margiela—he’s a real genius in my book. I also wear lots of so-called female accessories such as this Marni tote:
That could be turned into a good hat in a pinch ?
Say I show up in 30 minutes—what’s the plan?
First we ride the escalator to take in the astonishing view of the store. I want to hear you say, “Wow! You actually work here?!” #jealous haha. Then we’d sit down at Café Citron to have a chat—what’s your mood like today? What’s nagging at you? My job as a Personal Stylist isn’t to push you around but to make you comfortable, to understand you, and to help you pick out a gem.
Sounds like a plan. Any favorite karaoke song?
I will survive, Gloria Gaynor! ?
Thank you Meme!
Thanks to you, Ely!

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