Meet tAtiANA

A genuine muse for Jacquemus (and Paco Rabanne and Mara Hoffman), Tatiana’s dazzling presence lights up the store’s first floor women’s fashion.
Hey Tatiana, how’s it going?
Fine and you?
Great ?
So, any good finds in the store?
Yes, I put together a head-to-toe Rejina Pyo outfit:
It’s a super cool pop brand from London that I stumbled upon at the store. I added some mismatched earrings and one of my many turbans, for a little added touch of style … without requiring any messing around with my hair ?
And for good hair days I spotted this deliciously fluffy, oh-so-90s Rixo scrunchie
You’re into accessories, right?
You have no idea. Mainly earrings, and I always get asymmetrical ones. I guess that obsession stems from my bout as a hip-hop dancer and all the bling that goes with it. I used to wear those oversized hoops…
You’d be surprised, I’ve been dancing ever since I learned to walk. I even taught hip-hop and modern jazz dance. It’s a crucial part of my life—my outlet
What’s your jam to get loose?
A bunch of old school tracks from the 80s and 90s—they had the best beats. But I can dance to anything. I have pretty eclectic tastes
Have you spotted any particular recesses of the floor you work on?
I’m impartial to the Pierre Paulin armchairs and the Ettore Sottsass bookshelf. They’re like design candy, and I know what I’m talking about—I wanted to become an architect
Is that an influence in your current style?
Totally. I love pieces with a design bent. For instance, in the first floor sneaker zone, I fell under the spell of these leather Pierre Hardy kicks that remind me of Memphis. In a similar vibe I spotted a woollen coat by Saks Potts. I had a huge crush—it’s soft, pastel-toned, keeps you warm… I love it when fashion gets a bit daring!
Do you dish out advice to friends?
I’ve always been the fashion-conscious element in my team. Even as a teenager I was the one who unearthed rare gems for everyone, no matter the budget. And now I’m a Personal Stylist, I’m still doing it, but on a much larger scale!
What would you have in store for me if I materialized in 30 minutes?
So, some might find this weird, but I’m very colour-oriented. I tend to kick it off by asking which colours attract you the most and which ones you like to wear, for instance—or which ones you’re sick of! I use colours as mood indicators. They say a lot about you
I’ll have a think on my way. And tellme, do you have a karaoke song?
Haha, yes! A classic: Stand by me ?
Nothing beats Ben E. King. Thanks Tatiana!
Take care Ely! ?

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